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  • Gran Turismo Sport (PS4)

    The latest instalment of the Gran Turismo franchise, which as of March 2015 has sold over 75 million copies worldwide, is
    coming to PlayStation®4 with the name “Gran Turismo SPORT”!

    The graphics, sound and physics engine will be the most realistic ever experienced in a driving simulator thanks to the new
    platform and the new technologies, but that alone would be a too obvious improvement: the way driving
    games are played will also undergo a huge revolution with “Gran Turismo Sport”.
    This is a vision that invokes the rebirth of motorsports.

    In “Gran Turismo SPORT”, there will be two online championships running simultaneously: In the Nations Cup, players represent their
    home country and in the Manufacturers Cup, players represent their favourite car manufacturer. Players can not
    only race as drivers themselves, they can also root for their home country or their favourite
    manufacturers teams as a spectator.
    And the winner of a championship will be awarded at the FIA awards ceremony, in the same manner as real life
    motorsports champions: this will be a historical moment, the day when a video game will be
    officially recognised at the same level of motorsport.

    The major difference between real life motorsports and “Gran Turismo SPORT” is in the fact that anyone, from children
    to the elderly, can participate and enjoy racing.
    Even players who have never played driving games until now can discover how fun it is to drive!
    Whilst at the same time, it will have the depth and complexity to meet the
    expectations of the existing Gran Turismo fans.
    Beta testing begins early 2016

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