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    The Mazda 9 Supercar Is Something We’d Love To See Become A Reality

    If we were to have our way, every major carmaker would be producing their own halo supercars but sadly, that’s not the case and likely never will be. Despite this, artist Joseph Robinson has imagined what a potential supercar from Mazda could look like.

    While Mazda is a mainstream automaker with a focus on economical cars as well as crossovers and SUVs, it has one of the most striking and appealing design languages of any automaker. Known as ‘Kodo’, Mazda’s designs show that ‘run-of-the-mill’ cars can look sexy. Just take a look at the latest-generation Mazda3; it looks more like a concept car than a production car.

    For his Mazda supercar, Robinson took the marque’s current design philosophy and applied it over a mid-engine supercar layout. The front half of the car, dubbed the Mazda 9, is characterized by an exceptionally short hood and a windshield that stretches beyond the front axle.

    The sides of the 9 are equally as intriguing and support very small doors, providing access to a compact cabin pushed well forward so the driver’s feet sit in line with the front wheels. It’s perhaps the rear end that we’re most fond of, though. There is a small spoiler that lifts out of the decklid as well as a pair of tailpipes exiting from a similar position to those of the 720S.

    Robinson has imagined the supercar featuring a hybrid powertrain that couples a rotary engine with an electric motor.

    Mazda6 MPS - The Ultimate Zoom-Zoom sedan.

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    Mazda6 MPS - The Ultimate Zoom-Zoom sedan.


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      hier heb je ook een glazen bol voor nodig om iets te zien zeker

      (nu komen ze door, geen idee wat er mis was, bij quote was er niet echt wat mis te zien)
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